Untitled (liquid kitchen p.II)/ Various materials performative installation/ KABK Graduation Show/ 2018

Untitled/ Tar, party materials, vitamin supplements, glass, energy drink and water/ 25/05/18

This work is about the notion of contrast, where tar is a very heavy material, put in a festive jacked with confetti and party sprays. The water reservoir is a tank filled with multivitamin what you can drink, as a life-elixir for the spectator.

Untitled/ vitamin supplements, glass, energy drink and water/ 25/05/18

Introduction to Cheese/ Installation group show, Various materials/ 9-10/12/17

Where the proximity of the work starts is where the outside ends, in the exhibition space there is a video feed of the work outside, where people can be aware of space and distance. Looking in to the notion of labor and life. Life as a worksman of a craftsman making cheeses or being a builder. Using pseudosciences to work as an artist, taking edible materials and transforming them to non-edibles or transforming them so much until they don’t exist at all.

CCY/ Rope, Bucket, Cheesecloth/ 2017

Cheesecloth hanging only to show  aesthetics, to show the materials in there pure form and as they are within their own processes. To be aware of the space and material.

Air of friedrich/ Installation/ Various materials/ Various dimensions/ 29/10/17

Proximity of Distillation/ Installation group show/ Various materials/ Various dimensions 26/05/17

A space with its natural surroundings, there is where my process starts. By taking water from the canal, and having this water being processed by microorganisms. Looking into the idea of transformation by organisms. The water with sugar is transformed by the yeast into an alcoholic substance. Using food colorings to registrate time through the clots on the ground, they absorb the spillings from the performance.  

The fermentation of sugar, Part of Proximity of Distillation, 26/05/17

Untitled towels and womb/ Installation group show/ Various materials/ 10-15/03/17

A My egg/ Egg/ 2016

Sorry I am sorry/video/ 2018

Untitled/ Photograph/ 2017

Untitled/ Photograph/ 2017