The first confrontation of an installation by Lucas van Eeden will raise questions. Only upon the second evaluation the artwork reveals itself metaphorically, in the sense that the works are subjected into life within this world and in other metaphysical forms. The most important roles in his creative process are playing, alchemic methods and pseudosciences and always with a sense of humor. With an eye towards social interaction in relation to the beholder and/or the audience: the objects, constructions and setups enter into a relationship that involve the spectator, they are intertwined with each other within the space and its proximity. The anticipation of space - or the exhibition space - creates a
framework within which the installations take shape. In an authentic way, Lucas van Eeden is looking for an ideal image for his art, where his intuition forms a guideline for his artistry.


Art is less reason and more similar to religion. They share the same values ​​in many areas. art is not a traditional religion. Art is the new religion of modern secularised people, with gallery’s as new temples. The greatest interface between art and religion lies in metaphysics. The supernatural: elusiveness, the incomprehensible.